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Q: What’s the life span of your water park products.

A: The normal life span is 3-5 seasons.

Q: How to choose proper water park supplier?

A: When choosing a proper supplier, take the following into consideration:

(1) Are all their products are certified by the 3rd party?

(2) How many cases have they made and can they offer proof?

(3) Is the choice cost-effective?

Q:Why similar design, price difference is so big?<><>

A: For inflatable water park, price difference usually depends on material, dimension and workmanship details.

Q: How soon can the park pay for itself?

A: It depends on the number of guests. Most customers charge 15-20 US dollars per session(1 hour)

Q: How many staff do I need to prepare for the park?

A: It depends on the capacity and estimated number of guests. The staff you need is water park ticket seller, promoter, life guards. For example, normally, a 100 capacity park needs 4 life guards.The required number of life guards may be different in different countries.

Q: What do I need to prepare if I want to open a park?

A: Normally, the main point that you need to prepare is to find a proper water area and apply for the license from your authorities. For permission, different countries or even cities have different rules, you need to check with your local authorities.

Q: Can I buy a smaller one for the 1st season and enlarge in the next season?

A: Yes,you can do so. We can make connection system accordingly when we build the park for your 1st season.

Q: I found the same photos/cases of aqua park on other supplier’s website, who is real manufacturer of the parks?

A: All the actual photos/cases and designs on our website were produced or designed by Bouncia. If you find they are on anywhere else, they are copies. A good identification way is asking the supplier to provide valid evidences.

Q: Can you produce according to other brand’s design for me?

A: In order to avoid infringement, we do not produce other supplier’s design.You can either choose our standard combination with equal capacity or customize your own park together with our designers.


Q: How to choose proper water park?

A:  Tell us below points, then we will recommend proper one for you:

1. How many guests do you expect to hold at the same time(the capacity)?

2. What’s the water area do you have?

3. What’s your water depth?

4. Will you install the park in the sea or lake?


Q: How to calculate the minimum water depth?

A:Here is the formula: height of product + average height of a person (1.80m or 5.90ft) divided by 2. For example, the slide tower is 3m high, then the minimum water depth required is (1.8+3)/2=2.4m


Q: Do you have CE certification?

A:  We have CE certificate for air pump. For water games, they are of sports equipment, not children toys, so it does not have CE directive. We only have TUV certificate against EN ISO25649 and this is ok for license applying, insurance buying and import customs clearance.


Q: What are the payment terms?

A: T/T, Credit Card, L/C. 45% deposit to confirm the order, balance before shipment against photos of the finished products or spot checking.


Q: Our area is very hot, what’s the temperature that your material can withstand?

A: Our material is customized anti-UV material. It can withstand -30 cent-degrees to +85 cent degrees. It’s ok for the weather in some places like Queensland Australia and Thailand.


Q: What are your advantages comparing with your competitors?

A: Comparing with China suppliers, high quality is our advantage, we are the only China supplier who got TUV certified; comparing with other brand suppliers, direct factory price is our advantage.

Q: Is your material suitable for salt water?

A: Yes, we have many water parks installed in the sea. Such as water park in Okinawa Japan, Croatia.


Q: I can not find a satisfactory combination on your website, can you design according to my water area?  

A: Yes, please tell us your water area, water depth, capacity, approximate budget, we will design according to your need.


Q: How long does it take from ordering to getting the shipment?

A: Normally, if we do not have aqua parks in stock, it usually takes 60-75 days for customer from European and North America area; for Asia, usually takes 30-50 days. If we have stock, 30-40 days production time can be deducted.


Q:How long does it take to set up the park on water?

A: The set up time depends on the number and size of the products as well as the number of set up labors. For example, if the anchors are in place, a 100 capacity park takes 1-2 days for 6 persons.


Q: How do you deal with repairs/defective products?

A: For minor defects that customers can repair, we offer repair kit, repair instruction and video. During warranty period, the irreparable products will be replaced.

Q: How do we carry out an order?

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